IQID Child High IQ Society is open for only 1 in 6 children and adolescents of the unselected population



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As you are possibly well aware, the Society is affiliated with an international organization of High IQ Societies, the World Intelligence Network (WIN). This cooperation reflects to you several communication benefits. You can take advantage of the following available options to connect with WIN, the Society and our members.


1-6. Connect with Society and WIN

There are several options for you to connect directly to the WIN network and Society features


7-16. Connect via WIN

There are several options for you to connect using the WIN network features


17-25. Social Media

The society and WIN have enabled dedicated social media pages and groups for the communication and connection needs of the members.


17. Subscribe to WIN and the Society Youtube channel

Online videos, presentations and events hosted by WIN and the Society are online on our Youtube Channel. You may subscribe to the channel to stay informed of the latest available videos.

WIN and the Society Youtube Channel


18. Follow WIN and the Society on Twitter

You may keep up with our latest news following us on Twitter.

WIN Twitter page:

Society Twitter page:


19. Like/Recommend WIN and Society Facebook pages

There is a dedicated Facebook page created to support WIN and the Society. You may visit the page and hopefully like it.

WIN Facebook page

Society Facebook page


20. Join WIN and Society Facebook groups

There is a dedicated Facebook group for WIN and the Society. You may join these groups to keep updated with all current activities.

WIN Facebook group

Society Facebook group


21. +1 on WIN and the Society Google+ pages

There is a special page created on Google+ for WIN and the Society. You can connect to other members from within this page.

WIN Google+ page

IQID Society Google+ page


22. Join WIN and the Society Google+ communities

There is a special community for WIN and the Society in Google+ and you may join the groups to connect with the society members.

WIN Google+ community

IQID Society Google+ community


23. Connect with WIN and the Society Linkedin pages

For your ease, we created special pages on Linkedin about WIN and the Society. Numerous professionals interested in WIN and the society members visit our pages and this is a chance for any member to further develop his professional network.

WIN Linkedin page

Society Linkedin page


24. Join WIN and the Society Linkedin groups

The dedicated to WIN and the Society members Linkedin groups can maximize your professional development connecting you with agents, talent seekers and even job offers

WIN Linkedin group

Society Linkedin group


25. Enrich your intelligence-related experience

IQID Child Society is a well established High IQ Community. However, there are more organizations and societies with more or different people offering you more or different options. You may choose to join any of the following institutions:



If you decide to join another institution or High IQ society, you can directly contact the relevant administration desk informing of your intention.


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Last but not least, you can send your message to the Society using the form below:

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About IQID

IQID Child High IQ Society

IQID Child IQ Society

Founded: 01/02/2012

Cut-off: IQ 132, sd 16
SDs > mean: 2
Percentile: 97,7
Rarity: 1 in 44

Current Members: 24
Coverage: 1,056

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