IQID Child High IQ Society is open for only 1 in 6 children and adolescents of the unselected population ×

Age Requirement

The Society accepts membership applications from any child or adolescent (age ≤ 18 years old) at the time of the membership application.

Cognitive Performance

Membership in the IQID Society can be established based on a performance at or above the second standard deviation above the statistical mean of the general, unselected population, i. e.:

IQ 130 (s.d. 15, Wechsler scale), or
IQ 132 (s.d. 16, Stanford-Binet scale), or
IQ 148 (s.d. 24, Cattell scale).

Membership Benefits

The IQID Society Membership includes the following entitlements and rights:

1. IQID Society Member online profile (inc. name, information, links and email)
2. IQID Society web Editor rights publishing and editing your own articles on the society web
3. IQID Society membership certificate (unique authorization code issued)
4. WIN boards – IQID Society forum access access (available only to IQID Society members)
5. WIN boards – WIN Private boards access (available to all members of the WIN member Societies)
6. Private chat among the IQID Society members (available only to IQID Society members)
7. Private chat among all members of the WIN Member Societies (available to all members of the WIN member Societies)
8. WINIPEDIA, the free online intelligence encyclopedia contributor rights
9. myWIN access and profile, a personalized web, where members can create their profiles and easily interact with each other
10. WIN Online Editions (WIN ONE) journal contributions
11. Special Interests Societies (SIS) participation.
12. National Intelligence Networks (NINs) involvement.
13. Real-life meetings organized and scheduled either for the IQID Society members or the members of the WIN Member Societies
14. Private Facebook WIN Members group access, accessible only by members of the WIN affiliated societies


Individuals willing to establish full membership are advised to send proof of one or more qualifying scores on any of the accepted tests accompanied by the contact information of the psychologist, who administered the test, to the following e-mail address:

Membership - Subscription

Currently, there are no annually recurring membership fees. According to the society membership policy the only requirement is the one-off lifetime membership fee (€50) (which includes the membership application fees).

IQID Society has established a subscription option for all interested individuals who have succeeded the required cognitive performance at the levels mentioned above, however not in any of the acceptable for the IQID Society membership tests. The IQID Society subscription requires an one-off lifetime subscription fee (€30), which can be processed only by PayPal.

If any IQID Subscriber later applies for the IQID membership based on a required performance on any acceptable for membership test, he is required to submit an one-off lifetime subscription to membership update fee (€30).

The IQID society accepts membership, subscription and subscription update payments only via PayPal. No membership will be processed before the application fee is cleared. For your ease, you can use the following automatic PayPal checkouts.

Choose your involvement plan


Cognitive Performance of at least an IQ 132, sd 16, on any acceptable test

No previous society involvement

Fee: €50


Cognitive Performance of at least an IQ 132, sd 16, on not acceptable test

No previous society involvement

Fee: €30

Membership Update

Cognitive Performance of at least an IQ 132, sd 16, on any acceptable test

For current society subscribers

Fee: €30

About IQID

IQID Child High IQ Society

IQID Child IQ Society

Founded: 01/02/2012

Cut-off: IQ 132, sd 16
SDs > mean: 2
Percentile: 97,7
Rarity: 1 in 44

Current Members: 21
Coverage: 924

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