IQID Child High IQ Society is open for only 1 in 6 children and adolescents of the unselected population ×




IQID Child High IQ Society is affiliated with the following institutions:

World Intelligence Network,
AAAA.GR, ANADEIXI, Academy of Abilities Assessment,
QIQ High IQ Society,
GRIQ High IQ Society,
CIVIQ High IQ Society,
HELLIQ High IQ Society,
OLYMPIQ High IQ Society,
GREEK High IQ Society.

About IQID

IQID Child High IQ Society

IQID Child IQ Society

Founded: 01/02/2012

Cut-off: IQ 132, sd 16
SDs > mean: 2
Percentile: 97,7
Rarity: 1 in 44

Current Members: 21
Coverage: 924

Affiliated Organizations


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